About Us

Who We Are

Renovatek Construction Inc. is a residential renovation company that has been serving the Ottawa region and surroundings since 1990. Providing high quality renovations in a pleasant environment, Renovatek thrives with creative and space.

Whether it is a renovation, an addition, or a condominium renovation we are committed to our clients’ satisfaction. Renovatek’s business comes from pre-established or referred clients, a true testament to our clean, punctual and dedicated team. Recognizing the importance of keeping up to date with building and construction technologies, Renovatek combines the latest innovations with creative design to ensure satisfaction. Renovatek assures detailed renovations in a professional atmosphere.

Offering services in both English and French, Renovatek is also fully insured and provides a 5 year warranty on any contract. Extended warranties are also available.

Our Philosophy

This company brings out the best in all of us, we love to work as a team, thinking outside of the box. We are always excited to work on new and innovative ideas. We are inspired by our clients as well as each other to strive to create harmonized concepts with unique designs.

With Renovatek, clients are prepared for each step and aspect of the renovation process. We provide a detailed plan with step by step expectations, specifications and quotations.


Renovatek - your solution for highly stylish, greatly designed, and optimally functional renovation.

Our Process

Consultation & Investigation

Design & Activation

Presentation of the Design & Estimation

Modifications of Plans & Estimation Adjustments

Final Estimation, Contract & Deposit

The Team

Bernard Taillefer

The owner and founder of Renovatek Construction Inc., Bernard, has been working in the field since 1978. Working in construction is a family tradition for Bernard. His great grandfather, Antoine Gauthier, was a foreman on several large construction sites, while his father, Roger, started as a construction labourer in 1955 and later became a general contractor. Bernard learned the basics of the trade from his father and enlisted those skills with other companies until founding Renovatek in 1990.

The tradition continues with the arrival of the next generation, which has brought new perspectives, skills and ideas, enriching furthermore the company and its legacy.

Sébastien Taillefer
Vice-President/Senior Carpenter

Since 2005, Sébastien has brought to Renovatek a sought-after craftsmanship rarely seen in interior finishing, especially in tile installation. Sébastien manages his jobs with skill and professionalism, while being effective and producing high quality work.

Yvon Lapierre
Senior Carpenter and Supervisor

The team would not be the same without Yvon, an experienced carpenter that has worked with Renovatek since its inception. His attention to detail as well as his desire to satisfy the client translates into truly remarkable living spaces.

Marc-Antoine Taillefer-Racine
Skilled Labour Coordinator and Aspiring Carpenter

Marc-Antoine has been part of Renovatek since 2014. Hardworking and passionate, Marc-Antoine is patient while learning the construction trade. In 2017, he will widen his skill scope by starting a Carpenter course at La Cité collégiale.

Carole-Anne Taillefer
Drafter and Estimator

Carole-Anne Taillefer has joined Renovatek in 2013 to become the architectural plan drafter. Mixing creativity and ingenuity, Carole-Anne transforms lowly functional spaces in architectural jewels. She is also acquiring the skills necessary to price jobs and elaborate complete cost estimates.

Vivianne Taillefer
Administrative and Accounting Assistant

Vivianne is part of Renovatek since 2016. She coordinates administrative and financing tasks to optimize the company’s potential.